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Nagarkot is  located 32 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3504 and had 655 houses in it. At an elevation of 2,195 meters, it is considered one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur District. It is renowned for its sunrise view of the Himalaya including Mount Everest as well as other snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. Nagarkot also offers a panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley.

Nagarkot is an international tourist destination with spectacular views of the whole Langtang range, sunrise on the mountains and sunset views. We can see the panoramic views of the captivating landscapes and hills with the Kathmandu valley. You can breathe the cool mountain breeze in the resort town of Nagarkot. There are resorts from top-end quality to decent lodges to accommodate you and serves different cuisines.

Fact information 

Country Nepal

Zone Bagmati Zone

District Bhaktapur District

Religions  Hindu ,Buddhist 

Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45

Poon Hill

Poon Hill lies in the elevation of 3200m (10,500ft) is wonderful hill to walk up for sunrise. Located to the south-west of the Annapurna massif and across a large river valley, it commands spectacular views of all four Annapurnas, Machupuchre, Nilgiri South and Daulagiri.


Sarankot or Sarangkot is Village Development Committee in  (Pokhara )Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. 

The village is located on a mountainside ridge at an altitude of 1600m with panoramic Himalayan views. From Sarankot, on the northern direction we can see Dhawalagiri in the far west . Annapurna range is visible when the weather is clear on the same side. On the southern direction the village overlooks the city of Pokhara and its lake on the north-western outskirts of the city. from Sarangkot you can visit great mountain view with sunrise and sunset view. Sarangkot is also Paragliding starting place

Fact information 

Coordinates: 28°14′30″N 83°58′0″ECoordinates: 28°14′30″N 83°58′0″E

Country Nepal

Zone Gandaki Zone

District Kaski District

Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45

General information

GPS coordinates : take off : 28°14'37" (28.2437)N; 83°57'6" (83.9518)E - Elevation : 1438 m. 

landing: 28°13'3" (28.2177)N; 83°57'27" (83.9577)E - Elevation : 800 m.

Take off : Side of the road, from Pokhara to Sarangkot, follow the paragliders and birds.

Landing : Near the lake off Pokara perfect to play and trainning accro. 

There are 3 landing places along Phewa lake shore. 1-st is in Lakside Pokhara, 2-nd is in Greenwall, 3-rd is at the foot of Saranhgot (closest, but can not bee seen from start)

Going there: Taxis from Pokhara Lakeside and every landing site around. 

Most paragliding companies (quite a few) run a 4x4 service to drive up.

Comments: One off the more scenic place to fly front off the Annapurna.Easy, thermal every day 

Good place for cross country: Many different companies offer paragliding. Too many to list them all. Blue sky - Sunrise - Frontiers

Weather hazards: Constant weather with every day thermal system (rarely broken if strong inversion occurs). 

Monsoon rain season is from may to october. There will be water on all the rice fields.

Flight regulation: Please remember to pick up your civil aviation permit (50 usd + 2 passport photographs) at the AIRPORT on arrival, valid for 2 weeks.

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