Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal is best way to explore the nature and culture of Nepal. Nepal is a hilly country and it has several hill stations for hiking. Within short period of time the art and traditional culture of people can be observed while hiking in hills. Not only the life styles of people but also the beautiful mountain range, deep valleys, different species of bird and flowers can be observed during trekking in Nepal.

The hiking tour package includes bird watching, rhododendron forest, magnificent Himalayan range and generous local villagers with their unique tradition and culture. Nagarkot hiking, Daman hiking, Kakani hiking, Dhulikhel hike, Chisapani to Nagarkot hike, Poon hill sunrise view hiking, Helambu sherpa village hiking and Shivapuri hiking are the popular hiking area in Nepal. Hiking is for refreshment on mind and body. During the hiking tours one can join with multiple adventure activities, homestay oppertunity and learn the local culture.

Hiking in Nepal is considered as one of the most preferred activity by tourists who come to Nepal. It is the best way to explore the cultural heritages and natural geographical formations of the country. The geographical formation of Nepal is categorized as Terai belt, Hilly Belt [also valleys] and Himalaya belt. As we can see that the country is rich in hilly areas, there are a lot of hiking stations all around the country. Beautiful mountain ranges, deep valleys, species of birds and flowers can be observed within a short period of time through hiking . This activity is very efficient and chosen by many of the tourists who like to explore the natural beauties of the country. Beside these, you can also get into the lives of people of several ethnics to know about their lifestyle, traditions, cultures and languages. These ever-smiling and neighbourly friendly people are always ready to interact with you so that you can share your hiking experience in Nepal with them and get required information from them.

Our hiking tour packages include bird-watching, magnificent views of the Nepalese Himalayas, ever-smiling local villagers, passing through beautiful Rhododendron forests. Hiking in Nepal can prove you the best days of your life during the visit to the country. The formations of geography are amazingly designed by the nature where you can capture these memories and also involve within them by exploring. You are likelier to leave inspiring reviews about the country and take away lifetime memories with yourself.

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