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Tibet Travel Permit

What does the Tibet Permit look like?

The main Tibet Permit is Tibet Entry Permit, also called TTB permit, it is issued by Tibet tourism Bureau. All the foreigners who want to enter Tibet from mainland of China need this paper. They need this original paper to pass the check-in at the airport, train station or bus station. If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, you don't need this one to board the plane. But you need this original permit to pass the custom at the airport or border. Your guide will hold this permit and meet you at the custom of the airport or border.

There are two pages of this permit, one is in Chinese and Tibetan, as the one shown at the left of this website, it is the appearance of the Permit.

Another one is just in Chinese with English names, is the name list of the permit. It shows your group name, how many persons in your party, who they are, nationalities, passport numbers, ages and your occupation. When we arrange your permit, we have to fill those information on the documents first.

Please not that we don't provide the permit-only service and sell the permit, we arrange the pemits just for those travelers who booked the tour with us.

Can we get the permit now ?

Yes, from March 30th, Tibet Tourism Bureau is open to issue the permit and from April 5th, Tibet reopens to Foreign Tourists. Above permit is just for the two tourists who traveled with us from April 13th. Normally, it takes us at least 3 working days to apply for the permit and after we arranged out your Tibet permit, we will send it to your last stop before you enter Tibet, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, etc. It needs 2 or 3 days to deliver.

How to apply for the entry permit?

After you book the tour with us, our company (Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd )will arrange your Tibet Entry permit without charges. We just need your passport copy and china visa copy, also your occupation. If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, we just need your passport copy. Please note that diplomats, journalists, and government officials should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.