Actual Adventure Specialties

Why Choose Actual Adventure?

Responsible tourism - We run all our trips in as responsible manner as possible, socially, culturally, economically and environmentally, and we ask you to 'police' this for us. For further details of our Responsible Tourism page. 

Quality - We don’t aim to be the most luxurious or the cheapest, but we do aim to give the best value. We don’t cut corners and we pay our overseas partners a fair rate for their services. 

Satisfaction - We rely very heavily on word of mouth and repeat custom for our bookings, consequently it is imperative that we give our clients the best holidays possible. We believe that over 30 years of operation and a more extensive programme than anyone else in our corner of the travel industry illustrates our success. 

Financial security - We provide complete financial security for all our clients and adhere to all government regulations concerning the safety of our clients’ money. 

Feedback - At the end of every trip, we provide our clients with a questionnaire that we urge you to fill in. We rely very heavily on our clients’ feedback to maintain and improve the quality of our holidays.

Accuracy - We do our utmost to make sure that the information provided in our brochures and on our website is accurate. However things can and do change due to circumstances beyond our control and also please remember, no one is perfect. 

  • Eco-tourism, customized tours to Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.
  • Ecological and sustainable development principles.
  • Preservation of the indigenous culture.
  • Quality service.
  • Customer Service Management
  • Time Management and Cost Deduction. 
  • Creating new tourism destination in Nation.
  • Reliable and Trustworthy trained staff. 

Trek of a lifetime!

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