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Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd., adventure holiday service provider in Nepal has been established by a group of young, energetic, highly experienced and qualified personals. The main aim of this company is to promote Nepal tourism destinations. Many adventure activities that are new for adventure lovers from the globe. We are very conscious about the ecology, mountain divers and cultural norms. We are very serious in service for our clients. You can visit what our clients' say below.

Clients' Refrence/ Testimonials:

I had confidence to travel to Nepal ( March 16 to 22 , 2012)

Many Thanks to Mr. Kedar and Actual Adventure for treating me so well from our First email contact to our last moment at the Airport. I had confidence to travel to Nepal, by myself with his help. He arranged all travel and hotels while in Nepal and he worked hard to accommodate specific request for Guide , Sightseeing , Meeting contacts while in Nepal and Trying new Place that were recommended to the by friend. This trip would have been impossible with out him. All of his staff was also kind and confident. He even held my trekking bag in his home while I was on another Adventure. My hope is that his business growth strong. I appreciate our mutual Learning Process. All The best Namaste 

 Claire Costello 


Trekking Till Tangboche ( Feb 26 To March 02 , 2012)

I and my girlfriend went trekking at Everest region Tangboche; we booked flight to lukla and back from kedar.

Trekking was very nice; imagine mountains, peoples, weather, and food. And of course flight.  Trekking was easy and beautiful. Thank you for imagine experience to Kedar.

Svoboda Lukas
Stredni 139, Šilherovice 74715

      Email :
       Phone:  0042073778133
       Czech Republic 

“Kedar is a really great guy,he is hard working, knowledgable,warm and friendly..if your looking for that special holiday in can not do better than Kedar” 
Recommondation about Actual Adventure
October 11, 2011
Steve Kelly, Owner,
Manila Club London

Nepal Tibet Trip 06-23 November ,2011

At the end of 2011 we went to Nepal and Tibet. The trip has been custom designed. I would like to share our experience of working with Actual Adventure Company.tour in Nepal

First of all, the Managing Director - Kedar Neupane - has started working with us more than a half year in advance, designing a custom itinerary and satisfy requests of our group of 7 - yes, very different - people. He spent a lot of time in preparing the trip itinerary.
 When we arrived to Katmandu, we have been met by Kedar and his team; from this moment and till our final departure we were accompanied by his stuff: during the first part of the trip - Lukla trek - we had a team very dedicated guides an potters; and when we went to Tibet, Kedar personally had almost daily communication with our guides - his Tibetan partners, over the phone or email.
Due to foggy weather there were flight cancellations and we could not fly out of Lukla on time; so our guide Deepak Karki did not fly out in time as he offered all available seats to members of our group.  

So not only the great service distinguishes AA from other tour operators, but also personal contact during the whole duration of the trip and execution of the all clauses of the contract. 

Thanks for everything!
Andrey Gurvich and Team
Manville, Rhode Island, 
United States

Everest Base Camp trek - October 2011

We contacted kedar from Thailand a couple of days   before leaving for Nepal to do Everest base camp trek. Based on the testimonial we saw on his website. Kedar was every bit as professional and helpful as we expected him to be. He took care of us while in Katmandu helping us to buy whatever gear we

tour in Nepal

need making arrangement of our ticket to Lukla as well organizing for us a porter to carry Shweat’s backpack 

Our experience with Balaram was very good. Shweta was a slow trekker, and Balaram was always patiently walking behind her. He would also call upfront to the next destination for the day and ensure that we have a room to stay. He was also very informed about mountains in the Everest region and serve as a Guide as well. Often times he would have a different opinion from us about course of action for the day, but he did not impose it on us,. Also unlike several of the others porters we heard, about, balaram was honest worker who always had interest at heart, at all times. We got a stock in Lukla for 05 days at the end of our Trip, and balaram stayed through it all (even though his contract had expired with us) till he sent us off from Lukla airport.  We really appreciate having Balaram with us during the Entire trek. He was invaluable.

We would strongly recommend the Service from Balaram who work for Actual Adventure Pvt. Ltd with Kedar Neupane. For entire trekking in Nepal. 


Ajit and Shweta 

Bangkok , Thailand